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Kirantana, “The Man Who Saw the Face of God” leads us into an honest and adventurous description of the dark side of religion and spiritual search—Sorcery—betrayal—torture—insanity and war—then out the other side into one of the most startling and healing revelations of the Universal Christ ever put to words in modern literature.

With the writing of this book Kirantana has created a new authentic form of western Tantra—a new way of practicing Christianity far from the rut of conceptual knowledge, and into the actual visceral experience of Communion for us all.

Having lived in Sarajevo as a peace worker during the Bosnian war, he gives new insight into the clash of Western religions that transcends all religions, not by exclusion, but rather by lovingly blending them internally in himself, creating a new joyous coherence that becomes a doorway into a happier millennium…

“This was a Christ unlike I had ever heard or read of before. This was a Christ for today. A Christ that could be understood by all people, cultures, religions and philosophies that search for truth, justice and harmony. A Christ for artist, sensualist, with a little effort even the atheist could grasp this vision. I saw the way of peace by seeing that we all came from one common origin, as all boundaries were dissolved and I merged into the Infinite, called God in the language of our time.”

This book is more than a new philosophy. Kirantana takes his visions into the front lines of war, and while in meditation with American and other NATO soldiers, brings back visions of the balanced use of “crazy wisdom” compassion.

He shows us that only by unflinchingly meeting the conflicts of the world head-on with this compassion, will we be initiated into a new paradigm to give up our ancient habit of learning by pain, and instead, learn even more by joy and loving kindness to ourselves, to each other, and to our planet.

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