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Classes run between 60 and 90 minutes and begin with Kundalini Yoga's traditional mantra to tune-in to our inner wisdom, "Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo."
Ong translates to infinite creative energy in the universe, and Guru is "wisdom, dispeller of darkness." Namo means "I bow," so the mantra honors the inherent wisdom and creative force in all of us.
Watch a free full length yoga class, featuring Sukhmandir and Kirantana.
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The Elevator of Consciousness

In this introductory class, Sukhmandir teaches essential practices to prepare the body and mind for the awakening of Kundalini.

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Core Fundamentals

Kirantana leads a detailed class laying out the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, in both theory and practice.

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Core Strengthener

This rigorous class will strengthen your body and mind to prepare you for all of life's challenges.

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Natural Intelligence

Discover the energy flows inside and around your body and connect to the natural intelligence within to live from a state of effortless grace.

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Finding Stillness within the Belly

Kirantana leads a class focused on embodying grounded, expansive awareness by focusing your energy at the navel point. 

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Explorations in Consciousness

Sukhmandir leads a class designed to set the body and free the mind to explore extraordinary realms of consciousness. The class is experiment, designed to leave you with tools to guide your own exploration.

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The Joy Within

Sukhmandir leads the way to the source of infinite joy and vitality within each one of us. Buckle up! 

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Charging the Body

Sukhmandir guides students to find their own alignment, generate new energy, and focus it inwards on healing, transformation, and expansion.

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Opening the Third Eye

Kirantana builds on his previous classes to help direct your focus and intention to your third eye and explore the visionary realms within.

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Short Class: Making the Connection

In this 40-minute class, Sukhmandir guides students to generate a cyclone of energy within and use it to break free from patterns and compulsions.

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New Video! The Kundalini Lotus

Quiet the mind, listen to the space between the breaths, and experience the infinite. Join Sukhmandir for a powerful class to wake up from this shared dream and discover the essence of Kundalini.

More classes coming soon!