Recommended Readings

green dragon book cover

"The Universe Is a Green Dragon" by cosmologist Brian Swimme was, and still is a seminal book in my life. It is a pure western Tantra that forms an inner architecture for one's outer yoga practice.

A new "story" of the Universe and all its living powers, that gives the key to the ending of the separation of thought and "empowerment"...given in the form of a simple dialog between a learned scientist philosopher, and a child. It leads to "visceral" encounters with the Universe through its elements.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism book cover

"Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" by Choygam Trungpa.....

A most learned Tibetan Rimpoche, the first with a real mastery of the
English language. He gives a beautiful clear understanding of the
Tibetan Buddhist path, behind all the many styles of practice. The
books 'meta-purpose' a clear understanding of how "ego"
can turn any spiritual practice into feeding its incessant need for
assurance; handy tool to have no matter what path we choose,or not..

Choose. A world spiritual literature classic!

Spectrum of Consciousness book cover

"Spectrum of Consciousness " by Ken Wilbur

One of the most brilliant philosophers of our time, coming out of the
grounding of disciplined meditation. Reading and digesting this book
is getting your Phd in Eastern and Western philosophy, which
certainly broadens and opens the visceral depth of any practice one

It will give you an understanding of the scaffolding behind
all paths on Earth, too keep and explore reality from, or, let it all
go and float for awhile...There is certainly lots of invitation for
that in this classic.

The Art of Spiritual Healing book cover

"The Art of Spiritual Healing" Joel Goldsmith

I first read this decades back, and continued to read it every few
years all my adult life. It took all those decades to finally
exhaust my curiosity of all the healing crafts to finally landing

It is a leap of consciousness and committment to shut the door
on the past. It is pure Advaita in western language and thought,
given by a man who lived it.

The book is old, Joel's language is mostly in a Christ context and an earlier way of speaking this, but his realization is Universal, and that is all he's selling...

Emerson's Essays book cover 2

Emerson's Essays

I didn't read Emerson until after I had gone through my eastern
studies. It broke of the spell of the Eastern wave that many had
been riding, after the disappointment of learning western religions
complicity in great suffering on this planet. This all came into
mass public awareness in the Vietnam war days.

Emerson's essay on Self-Reliance is today what I teach in all I do. The Essays also gave me my first appreciation of the beauty of the English language, as spoken before the marijuana age and 'dude-eze'...

To read them is a spiritual meditation that ups the intelligence quotient of your awareness, just by the language alone.

As a Man thinketh book cover

"As a Man thinketh" and "As a Women thinketh" by James

The original title was "As a Man Thinketh", but because the
book is written like a meditation, they came out with an edition for
women too.

It was written back in the day when the word "man"
was used to mean "all of mankind". This is the earliest of
American philosophers to write on the use of our "thoughts"
for shaping destiny.

A beautiful classic of positive thinking, the one book I gave all my nephews when they were just becoming young